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Christy Sports Introduces the Ultimate Demo Ski Pass


LAKEWOOD, Colo. – Dec. 22, 2008 – Christy Sports, one of Colorado’s largest ski and snowboard retailers, today announced the debut of its Ultimate Demo Ski Pass.

Available for the first time, the pass allows skiers guaranteed access to various types of this year’s top-of-the-line skis. The 10-day pass costs $250, the 20-day pass $350, and an unlimited pass (called the Season Pass) $450. The pass must be purchased before Jan. 12. To purchase, customers must call Christy Sports’ reservation phone number (1-888-413-6966) five days prior to the first time using the pass. Skis can be picked up at any of the 40 store locations in Colorado and Utah.

Pass holders can choose from a list of skis that include all mountain to fat skis, for both men and women. The list includes a wide range of skis well-adaptable for different snow conditions, and well-known brands such as K2 and Volkl. The complete list and additional information can be found at www.christysports.com/ultimatedemoskipass.

Customers first choose a specific model and size, called the “Primary Ski.” This ski is guaranteed each and every time, with a 48 hour advance notice before hitting the slopes. In addition, the customer has access to all other demo skis available in the given Christy Sports location, on a first come first serve basis. This option allows the customer to try more specific models-for example powder skis-when snow conditions change.

“This program is geared towards frequent skiers whom already own ski boots, and want to avoid purchasing new skis and lugging them to the resort,” said Patrick O’Winter CEO of Christy Sports. “A big focus is also on fast and quality service. Pass holders are allowed to bypass the rental line, and will receive the skis with a premium tune every pick-up.”

The Ultimate Demo Ski Pass is a great alternative to traveling with skis, especially in regards to the baggage fee. The pass will save a skier approximately $50 round trip. Most airlines are charging $15 for the first bag checked, and $25 for an over sized bag as well as a second checked bag.

About Christy Sports

Christy Sports is currently one of the largest specialty ski and snowboard retailer spets in the Rocky Mountain region. With more than 40 locations throughout Colorado and Utah, Christy Sports is focused on providing quality products and competitive prices. Christy Sports also operates Door 2 Door (D2D), a full service ski and snowboard rental delivery service to certain locations. For additional information, visit www.christysports.com or www.d2dskis.com

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