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Flatiron Sports Passes the Torch to another Colorado Based Family of Ski Shops


LAKEWOOD, Colo. – September 29, 2015 –Christy Sports, today, announces the purchase of Flatiron Sports, in Crested Butte, Colorado.

For over 34 years, GJ Santelli and Chris “Oz” Osmundson have shaped Flatiron Sports into something much more than a simple ski shop. Now, after such a long and successful tenure, they decided to sell the business in order to ski more and worry less.  Christy Sports, a family owned company with over 50 years of ski and snowboard retail and rental experience is well positioned to pick up where they left off. Both companies share a passion for excellent customer service, making Christy Sports the obvious choice once GJ and Oz decided to sell.

“We didn’t want to turn over our store to some faceless corporation,” stated GJ Santelli. “So when we decided to sell the shop, we went to the only other company in the game that shared our values. They’ve been around here since the 80’s and understand what it means to be a part of the community. It was an easy choice.” Christy Sports is happy to continue providing locals and out of town guests an unparalleled level of knowledge, service, and product selection. Christy Sports’ purchase of the shop perpetuates the ‘mom & pop’ culture that Flatiron developed, leaving the focus on the customer, instead of the business.

“We have no intention of changing the way that Flatiron runs. In fact, the same people you’ve seen working there for the past few years will still be there the next time you stop by,” stated PJ Hildebrandt, regional manager for Christy Sports. GJ will continue to help with daily operations at Flatiron. Oz also remains on the staff in order to ensure a smooth transition. Since Christy Sports has another location at the base area, Flatiron Sports will continue to operate under its original name. With the added buying power that Christy Sports brings, the only noticeable change will be an improved selection of hardgoods and softgoods; something the base area sorely needs.

Flatiron Sports is a fixture within the ski and snowboard community, and Christy Sports is proud to continue to build upon that legacy. It became a hub where locals and out of town guests alike could visit and get expert advice on anything from boot fitting through rental equipment, and will continue to be a mainstay at the base area. “We started as a local shop over 50 years ago and those experiences continue to guide us. We are proud of our heritage,” said Patrick O’Winter, Owner of Christy Sports. “It’s who we are, it’s what sets us apart from other ski shops, and it’s what makes Flatiron Sports such a good fit for us.”