Home News Getting Geared Up For A Ski Vacation Has Never Been Easier

Getting Geared Up For A Ski Vacation Has Never Been Easier


When planning a ski vacation, there are quite a few important things to remember: lodging, lift tickets, and equipment, being some of the most significant.  These are not the only things to remember, but without these key items, I can promise that your vacation will take a turn for the worse.  Fortunately, we live in an age rife with online booking possibilities, making it easy to plan most parts of your ski vacation in advance.  Most people book their lodging and lift tickets online, so why not secure rental equipment online too?    Luckily for ski and snowboard aficionados worldwide, for the past 10 years, Christy Sports has been developing and expanding a centralized online rental equipment hub.

Christy Sports has been a household name in the skiing community since 1958, and its online presence has been growing steadily since 2000.  In addition to the online retail store, Christy Sports runs the rental.christysports.com website which is a centralized hub for renting ski and snowboard equipment.  After partnering with Europe’s largest ski and snowboard rental network, Skiset in 2011, the Christy Sports Rental Network has been able to provide destination skiers and snowboarders with the largest single booking source for rental equipment in North America and Europe.  Christy Sports operates over 45 stores throughout Colorado and Utah, and their rental network provides access to over 200 ski and snowboard rental shops throughout the world.  This year, in an ever evolving technical world, Christy Sports has also made the Rental Network available on mobile devices as well as tablets, so people can book rental equipment on the fly.

No matter whether you are traveling by car or plane; renting equipment can often save money as well as frustration.  Instead of paying extra baggage fees to travel with skis or snowboards, or trying to find room in an overstuffed car, many seasoned skiers prefer to pick up their rental equipment once they arrive at their destination resort.  However, by reserving rentals online, customers are able to save time once they arrive at the resort because the bulk of their paperwork has already been filled out.  Additionally, reserving rentals more than 24 hours in advance with the Christy Sports Rental Network guarantees a minimum of 10 % savings.  “I know it sounds like some cliché insurance commercial or something like that, but I actually rented skis and snowboards for my entire family while sitting on my couch in my slippers and robe.  I even saved money.  It was great,” remarked Robert Johnson, first time user of the Christy Sports Rental Network.  “Once we got to Steamboat, the Rental Tech’s at Christy Sports pulled up our reservation, outfitted us with our gear, and we were out the door and enjoying the mountain instead of messing around with all of the handwritten rental forms.”

This single site for locating and reserving rentals has filled a need for families, ski groups, and businesspeople who want to experience new resorts without venturing away from world class service. “We are always looking to expand the network by adding more destinations, but we refuse to add a rental affiliate shop that doesn’t meet he high expectations of our customers,” said Gordon Wade, Director of Internet Commerce for Christy Sports.  This dedication to excellent customer service and equipment may seem antiquated in such a high tech world, but the folks at Christy Sports have managed to create the largest online rental network in the world without budging on the principles that have made them a favorite local ski shop since 1958.

Additionally, the Christy Sports Rental Network provides access to a rental delivery service in select markets.  The expert rental technicians from Door 2 Door (D2D) by Christy Sports bring the traditional ski shop to you, ensuring that your entire group is outfitted with premium rental equipment without ever leaving the comfort of your local lodging accommodations.  D2D is the only ski and snowboard rental delivery service with full brick and mortar support which gives you the convenience of a customized rental experience while providing the additional support of the local Christy Sports stores.

After looking at everything that the Christy Sports Rental Network has to offer, it’s not surprising that more customers are using it each season, and that trend shows no sign of slowing down.   “Customer satisfaction is our goal, and whether you are interested in rental delivery, or renting equipment from a traditional ski shop, we will continue to offer the best shops in the most desirable locations through one booking source,” said Mr. Wade.