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Make Sure You Have Happy Feet


Most skiers can agree; ski boots are not the most comfortable choice in footwear,¬†especially rental boots. At the end of the day, hard plastic shells and minimalistic liners don”t lend themselves to happy feet. However, there is hope for those of you that can commiserate with the multitudes of sore-footed skiers out there. During a recent ski trip to Steamboat Springs, Colorado, I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with the expert boot fitters at Christy Sports as well as the scores of people who benefited from their knowledge. It never occurred to me before, but the boots are the most important piece of equipment you put on for a day of skiing. They are the basis of your entire day; if your feet are uncomfortable or sore, you simply won”t take full advantage of your time on the hill.

There is a widely accepted adage floating around within the ski community; ski boots will NEVER be comfortable. The boot fitters at the Christy Sports in Gondola Square were able to dispel all of my preconceived ideas concerning comfort and ski boots. “Just give our boot fitters about an hour, and we will get you in the right model of boot for your foot shape and skiing ability. All of our stores guarantee the fit and comfort of the boots we sell,” remarked Joe Liefer, Hard Goods Coordinator for Christy Sports. After measuring your foot and determining which model fits the best, the experts are then able to begin the customization process using Dynamic Foot Positioning (DFP) liners and insoles. The boot fitters will hand-grind the insoles ensuring optimum support for every contour of your foot. “We take the time to handcraft our insoles because we believe that this is the only way to ensure a truly customized fit. We also make sure they fit perfectly because we guarantee the insole for the life of the boot,” said Chuck O”Connell, manager of the Christy Sports in the Gondola Square in Steamboat Springs, CO. Custom insoles not only give your foot proper support, but they help keep your feet warm and improve your skiing performance.

After creating a solid foundation with the insole, many people choose to take another step down the road towards comfort. “Basically, the casino custom insoles are equivalent to anti-lock brakes and the custom liners are equivalent to heated seats. Everyone should have anti-lock brakes, whereas heated seats aren”t necessary, they do make daily driving a lot more comfortable,” stated online casino dgfev Tyler Kitchin, Boot Fitting Supervisor at the Christy Sports in Gondola Square. The DFP liner offers a 100% anatomical fit throughout the entire boot. The custom liners are heat molded so they envelop your foot, providing additional comfort and support for all of the unique contours of your foot. The liners are able to address a number of difficulties that skiers face. “Our liners have helped people who suffer from chronic shin bang, poor circulation that causes cold feet plus a number of other issues stemming from lower leg and ankle problems,” said Mr. Kitchin. While the custom liners benefit people who have been dealing with specific issues, they are not solely for people experiencing chronic foot problems. Quite simply, the DFP liners are the pinnacle of luxury and comfort as far as ski boots are concerned.

Still a little skeptical about the idea of comfortable ski boots, I decided to ask around and see what my fellow skiers had to say. All of the answers I received were unequivocally positive. I talked to a number of locals who have used the custom boot fitting service as well as a bunch of rental patrons. “We have been renting equipment from Christy Sports for the past 10 years,” said Jane Harmon. “Four years ago, my husband and I decided to get fitted for custom boots, which proved to be an excellent decision. We still rent our skis, but now, because of the boots, we spend more of our ski vacation actually skiing.” Everybody seemed to be circling back to the same points. Custom fit boots improve your level of skiing and maximize your time spent on the hill. Comfortable feet ensure less fatigue throughout the day which naturally promotes more enjoyment.

I always operated under the assumption that all ski boots were exactly the same and being uncomfortable was just a part of skiing. Thankfully, at long last, I have been educated. Talk to the boot fitters at Christy Sports and let them help you discover true comfort while skiing. “If you aren”t happy with your current boots, just come in and talk to us. Few things in life are guaranteed, but we stand by the quality of our work. We aren”t satisfied until you are,” Mr. Liefer stated.