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Revolutionary Rental Delivery Service Celebrates Anniversary


Door 2 Door (D2D) by Christy Sports is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this season. The Company, rx founded in Steamboat Springs, Colorado in 2003 has been growing steadily over the last decade. The founders of D2D saw a unique opportunity in the ski and snowboard rental market in Steamboat Springs. D2D was one of the first companies in the area to offer a twist on the standard experience by delivering rental gear wherever the customer was located. It quickly became apparent that this type of service had been sorely desired and overlooked in the ski industry.

As with many great ideas, the beginnings are quite humble. D2D Ski and Snowboard Rental Company was conceptualized in 1998 after one of the founders closed a traditional ski shop for the night, was about to walk out the door, and then received a phone call from a delayed guest looking for a way to get their equipment after hours. This incident sparked further contemplation about who could benefit from a different approach to the rental experience. The answer to that question turned out to be the foundation of a revolutionary company, which attracts much more than the occasional delayed traveler. Although rental delivery is common today, it was not readily accepted by financial institutions in its infancy. Banks declined financial backing and the dream seemed to be unattainable until they approached the ski manufacturers directly. Finally, with support from Burton, K2, Salomon, and Marker, D2D was officially opened in 2003.

In the first year, the company consisted of two people, two vans and one storage unit, offering rental deliveries at any time of the day or night. The D2D crew could often be found at their storage unit in the middle of the freezing winter nights pulling Cancer and horoscope scorpio are the most secretive signs of the Zodiac. ski boots for customers. Although working out of a frigid storage unit wasn”t ideal, the customer service was always stellar. This dedication to the customer quickly earned them a reputation that has only gotten stronger with every passing year. After earning a loyal customer base and an overflowing storage unit; they realized that it was time to expand.

D2D joined the Christy Sports family in 2005, creating a unique dynamic that is still unrivaled in the ski industry. D2D is the only rental delivery service that is fully supported by brick and mortar stores. This partnership sparked a rapid expansion, extending the D2D service area to three additional resort communities within the first year. “Christy Sports and D2D were a perfect fit from the start,” remarked Ben Saari, Door 2 Door Operations Manager. “Both companies approached the industry from a unique, customer focused direction. Together, we work to provide the best rentals and service whether the customer is in the Christy Sports stores or using the D2D service.” After a decade worth of excellent customer service, the company has left the storage unit behind and expanded into a majority of the premier ski resort communities throughout Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho.

Customers have responded positively to the D2D service because it provides more choices regarding equipment rental. “Our customers love being fitted for equipment in the comfort of their local accommodations whenever they want. It truly is a personalized experience and our high level of service keeps people coming back year after year,” Mr. Saari commented. Indeed, there are quite a few customers in Steamboat Springs that have been using the company since its inception in 2003. This type of loyalty isn”t isolated to Steamboat Springs, but is proving to be a pattern throughout all of the markets where D2D operates.

Families have taken a particular interest in D2D because it affords a personalized option to equipment rental. “We started using the D2D service when our kids were really young because it let us relax at our condo during the rental process. We also love the support that we receive from the local Christy Sports store, which is why we still use the service even though our kids are older,” said Megan Johnson, a D2D customer since 2005. In addition to families, ski groups and people in town for business have enjoyed the customized approach concerning their ski and snowboard rentals. D2D is seemingly ideal for people who seek more options to maximize their time on the hill.

Although this is a landmark year for D2D, they are already focusing on the future. “We are excited that D2D is celebrating a decade of successful business, but we are always working to improve our company and evolve in the industry. The first ten years helped to redefine the way people think about ski and snowboard rentals, and I”m sure the next ten will be equally exciting,” Mr. Saari reflects.

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